Research|Chiba Laboratory|Deformation Processing, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University


Research topics

Biomedical Co–Cr alloys

Wear characterization of biomedical Co–Cr−Mo alloys by a hip simulator
Plastic deformation analysis of biomedical Co–Cr-based alloys
Hot deformation behavior and dynamic recrystallization of biomedical Co–Cr-based alloys
Phase transformation in biomedical Co–Cr-based alloys
Development of novel Co–Cr-based alloys for stents, spinal fixation, and dental restorations

Ni- and Co-based superalloys

Improvement in high temperature strength and ductility of Inconel 713C/718
Development of Co-based alloys for tooling materials
Alloy design of Co–Ni-based superalloys for heat resistant springs

Titanium alloys

Microstructural control of α' martensite type titanium alloys: "α' processing"
Superplastic deformation of high strength titanium alloys
Plastic deformation analysis of structural titanium alloys
Hot deformation behavior and grain refinement of industrial titanium alloys


Development of high strength copper alloys with excellent electrical properties
Hot deformation behavior of Fe–Co–Cr-based semi-hard magnetic alloys
Damping properties of high strength Mg alloys
Microstructural evolution and interfacial segregation in MoSi2-based alloy

Intelligent (smart) forging process

Optimization of hot forging process of biomedical Co–Cr alloys using processing map
Development of processing map for carbon steels

Additive manufacturing using electron beam melting (EBM)

Biomedical Co–Cr and titanium alloys
Heat resistant TiAl-based alloys
Fe- and Al-based alloys
Refractory metal-based alloys (Nb, W)